signs a guy is a player

signs a guy is a player

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Advancing the relationship after sex but before commitment is always tricky. He loves the intimacy you have, the adventure and the experimenting. But if you’re not careful you could accidentally send him a message of “please love me!” that’s going to send him running in the other direction. For the best results, you want text messages that leave him wanting more—more sex, more intimacy and more conversation. In short, you want him to think of you and to become his number one obsession—even after the thrill of a new sexual partner wears off.

Here are six examples of brilliant texts that will make him feel alive and excited to be with you, WITHOUT making him feel as for 1 last update 2020/07/10 if you’re clinging to his leg and planning your wedding reception.Here are six examples of brilliant texts that will make him feel alive and excited to be with you, WITHOUT making him feel as if you’re clinging to his leg and planning your wedding reception.

1. My friends were totally checking you out last week. (And little do they know I sampled the whole package)

Confusing, right? Yeah…at first maybe. It’s almost a cliché to suggest that you should send a sexy message right after your first time. After all, he wants sex, you want it, you might as well let him know that he can come get it any time with a message like “Guess what I’m wearing? Nothing!”

I beg to differ. I think that too much sexting right after the first time is preparing him for a friends with benefits relationship. But that’s not what you want. You want his undivided attention. He needs to know that you’re not just “any woman”—you’re someone really special.

This is why I suggest something that simply flatters his ego and does NOT speak of any commitment. For instance, the “my friends think you’re hot” line. Way to flatter his ego, because every man likes to think he’s desired by multiple women. But with this line, you go one step further. You brag about having scored with the guy, letting him know the sex is still on your mind. But then you leave him hanging. What does it mean? Was it a one night stand? Was it serious? Now it’s up to him to chase you all over again and make it a romantic relationship and not just a fling.

2. Nobody gets me the way you do! OR “No one makes me laugh as hard as you do!”

This is a stroke of genius, since you give him credit for knowing you like no one else. This suggests strong intimacy and a channel directly into your heart. BUT…at the same time, you neglected to mention how well you know him. You haven’t really spoken on the subject of how you FEEL about him…just the fact that he knows you. He feels intimacy but also feels a challenge. How can he get you to feel something more intense? How can he make you realize that you know him just as well…and there might be something real between you? This is why this loaded line works perfectly.

Also, if you’re too intimidated to use the “know me” line, use the more innocent “No one makes me laugh like you” text, (after something funny) so he can feel flattered, and connected with you. While it feels innocent at first, it also suggests he has a special ability to make you laugh, even beyond other men. He may start to wonder just how happy he can make you beyond laughter!

3. Live text each other when watching a movie or favorite series.

This is a deceptively effective move designed to look innocent but actually increase intimacy by tenfold! This is a text version of playing boyfriend-girlfriend. Offer to watch a movie together and then live text comments, jokes or reactions to what’s happening. He will feel intimacy with you, as if you’re a couple watching a movie in the same bedroom, but still not get the impression of commitment. In fact, this might start him wanting more conversation and interaction with you—beyond just sex. He may start to actually miss your personality and fun sense of humor.

4. I’m proud of you. I knew you could do it.

Now we’re getting serious. What a man wants most of all is for his girlfriend to believe in him—to bet on his ambition and have faith in his dreams. So whenever he brags to you about something he accomplished, be supportive and express how proud you are to be his friend and that the two of you have a “very special” relationship. This is a great reminder that although he may be getting glory from others, YOU are the one who believes in him the most.

signs a guy is a player 🔴how to signs a guy is a player for 5. So what happened at work with your boss?

Ask about his day, his life, stuff that no one else is asking him! A lot of women make the mistake of “boyfriending” their crush after sex and telling him everything that’s on their mind. Instead, take an interest in him. Without speaking much about commitment (and only alluding to the great sex you had), start showing interest in his day to day life. Don’t focus on the stuff he doesn’t care about. Fast-forward to the things he’s MOST excited to share…whether that’s TV, sports, people at work, or pet projects in the garage, you can figure it out. Talk to him about the things he’s most interested in and start creating an environment where he feels safe to confide in you. Eventually he will feel safe enough to start talking about feelings, daily routines, and the secret thoughts he can’t tell anyone else.

6. I’m a little afraid of the way I act around you. How I lose control…maybe we should take it slow, you know?

If you really want to leave him hanging on your every word, create a “reluctant attraction” between the two of you. You know that he wants you. You want him. But you’re afraid of coming on too strong and scaring him away with too much emotional investment. This is precisely why this line works—you do want him. You do desire him. BUT…you’ve determined that this relationship isn’t going to work. He brings something out of you that you’re not comfortable with. Passion…addiction…lust! You’re basically daring him to make more moves and heap more attention on you, but “resisting” him at the same time. In other words…yes, you guessed it—the chase! No man alive can resist the power of the chase. The exhilaration he feels when he chases and chases and finally catches you is an ego-trip he won’t soon forget.

signs a guy is a player 🔥how to signs a guy is a player for As you can see the key to winning a man’s heart, after sex, is to give him the same rush of emotion that pre-sex dating brought him. He loves the adventure, the intrigue and the discovery. Give him more of that spontaneous fun and he will follow you forever.

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Matthew Coast


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      signs a guy is a player 🔴how to signs a guy is a player for Me and my ex husband are divorced. Thedivorce was my fault and I’ve apologized to him for it. Family and friends convinced me he was cheating on me during our marriage. I didn’t do my own research and just believed them. Filed for divorce and adder it was finalized all three of the family and friends told me they had lied to me. I never stopped loving him, but was so upset at the thought of himcheating at the time I did date his step-brother. I figured he would never want me back so I remarried, currently married now,to try to move on. My current husband is a good guy, but I do truly feel my ex husband is my soulmate. We are still friendly with one another, but how would I know if he was willing to give it a second chance? I’ve explained it all to him in a written letter, but no reply. I would hate to hurt my husband for something not possible and I don’t want to keep having my ex on my mind for No reason. How do I figure out who I’m supposed to be with? How do I move on? How do I know which path to take?

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