people see what they want to see

people see what they want to see

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Sexy and Naughty Texts That Will Make Him Hard

Do you agree that the relationship could last longer if the man and the woman would make efforts to keep the fire burning? Studies show that sexual intimacy would make the relationship stay alive, most especially for men. Sorry boys, but admit it. You just can’t live without having some sexy time compared to girls. Nowadays, the trend of social media and the vast innovation of gadgets are just ways that can trigger a sexy mood and make your man go crazy. 

Sending your guy some sexy text messages can be very amazing if you do it the right way. There’s a fine line between sounding sexy or sounding cheesy. Make it fun and enjoy it. If you are planning on exchanging texts with your lover to make him go nuts over you, then this article is best for you. Get some useful tips and sample texts you can send to him. You’ll see, he will be delighted and you can turn him on even in text.


Some call it ‘sexting’ a shortcut of sexy texts and texting. This method is a kind that could make a great impact on the relationship. With just small and naughty texts you send to your boyfriend or husband, you can make him hard and wanting you more and more.

It plays a crucial role in making the relationship grow. This method makes the relationship healthier and promotes better chemistry between the lovers. A guy’s dirty imaginations can be spiced up with your simple naughty texts. The effects of sexting could make a great impact on him. Whenever he sees your name on his phone, he might get a little erection and in a few minutes, he will go home as soon as he can. Not even wasting a single second. 

Sexy texts 

You are a grown woman and you know how to make things up. If you want to turn him on even when you are away from each other, these texts can be very useful.

1. “I for 1 last update 2020/07/03 Want You, Now”1. “I Want You, Now”

As simple as that. You are just being needy about him. This sentence might be freaky and might also scare your partner a little bit. But if you just add up a message that you are wanting to spend a sexy time with him, then he already knows the drill. This text could be very simple, but it is a good sign.

2. “I Will Be Wearing Heels Tonight”

A sexy line that girls can use to turn the boys on. When you try to think about it from a boy’s perspective, you can also get aroused with the meaning. It works. 

people see what they want to see 👍how to people see what they want to see for 3. “About Time to Try Another Position”

Yes, you have been together for a long time and surely you have already tried different positions and of course, repeat it all over again. It’s about time to experiment again for another fun position. Your guy must be imagining this kind of position with you as soon as he gets the message. That’s what texting comes into play. 

4. “Did You Come Lately? If Not, Let Me Help You “

Normally, men would ejaculate in the shower. Usually in the morning before they go to their respective routines. Use this kind of practice and send them messages like this. Trust me, they would let you do it.  

5. “I’d Rather Be With You. In Bed, Right Now”

Are you turned on and feeling aroused? Let your partner know it by sending him a message like this. Your arousal is his arousal as well. Ask him about it, and he will likely get hard, just like what you are feeling. 

6. “I Had a Wet Dream Last Night Because of You”

Letting your partner know about this event of yours, for instance, if it were true, then surely he will get an erection. Tease him, make him turned on and make his bedrock. Sending him messages like these can make him feel special and wanted. 

7. “I want you so badly. Can you come over right away?”

You can be just right at your couch and he is busy in his office. Sending him this kind of message can get his attention right away even if he is still busy with his paperwork. Try it once in a while. You’ll be surprised how he is going to respond to your desires and needs. 

people see what they want to see ⭐️how to people see what they want to see for 8. “I would love to give for 1 last update 2020/07/03 you a love bite today.”8. “I would love to give you a love bite today.”

If you are wishing for special attention from him, and wanting it to be a memorable and intimate moment, then this message can work. Love bites can be signs of love. Spice up your sexy moments by putting love marks at each other. 

people see what they want to see 🔥how to people see what they want to see for 9. “I love sitting on your… “

That’s just it. A simple hanging message that can spice up your partner’s imagination. This message will let your man think about how you are going to end your sentence and will make him think about what will happen next. If you want him to get hard, try sending him this message. 

10. “I am imagining you making love to me right now.”

You can be very creative if you imagine things, Sex is always an art and it always starts by imagining. Sending what you are imagining to your partner would let him return the favor.

Wrapping up

Sending sexy messages to your man is one way of keeping him. At least, many consider it a good thing to make the relationship healthy and happy. It may uncover the truth that you may discover in yourself. Next thing you know, you are already the queen of sexting and dirty talks. 

Just be careful you don’t send it to the wrong people on your contacts. Learn to limit it once in a while and you are good. After all, everything you are sending is just between you and your man. You two must first develop self-respect and the rest will follow. 

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